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Austin has been studying and hunting vampyres since he was a teenager.  Like all members of the Dawn’s Hammer, he has experienced great personal tragedy at the hands of the Nightborn.  However, his experience has left him scarred such in a way that he is unable to prioritize anything above killing vampyres. 


When it comes to the subject of vampyres, Austin struggles with his rage.  The fires of his hatred were lit decades ago and burn as bright and hot as they did the night that a vampyre attack changed his life.  He was powerless then, but vowed to one day learn their weaknesses and kill them all.

Consequently, the success of the hunt comes before all else.  When it comes to his team and carrying out missions, Austin is very much a no-nonsense leader.  When in the field, he doesn’t joke and he doesn’t laugh.  In and out of the field, he is always the counterbalance to the team’s warm lighthearted banter – very often barking at them to tighten up and focus.  In turn, the team is very quick to point out his parent-like, badgering, and often sourpuss attitude.

Despite his seriousness and his fiery hatred and single-minded focus on killing Nightborn, Austin is very much a normal person socially.  Though he’ll not admit it, Austin is very close to his team – especially Grease who is, in effect, his best friend.  He even had a not so secret love interest in squad-mate Janis. 

Early in the story though, Austin discovers that Janis has lost her life at the hands of the hybrids.


Austin is a unique soldier.  He is a part of the field test of the Dawn’s Hammer’s new prototype weapon Maxim.  Maxim is an extremely advanced android with a plethora of offensive abilities.  Most notably, Maxim is able to transform into a cyber-suit that augments the wearer’s strength and speed.

MaximCurrently, Austin is the only soldier that can interface with Maxim.  This is done through a special liquid called “Balance Fluid” which is injected into Austin’s bloodstream and remains a permanent part of his circulatory system.  The more fluid that is put into his system, the more powerful the bond between he and Maxim becomes…and the more potent Maxim’s abilities become.

Balance fluid has to be introduced slowly into Austin’s bloodstream.  The fluid is quite toxic, but in small doses, his body can tolerate it and adapt to it.  Giving him too much will kill him.

Austin’s Story

Austin’s story is about hatred and vengeance.  Rage.  Austin has a calm and collected exterior, but inside, his mind is a chaotic free-for-all.  He has devoted himself to what he believes is the good fight.  However, he is blinded by a heart that is consumed by hatred.  Austin will have to overcome this if he is to become the leader that his team needs.