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Jian Dorien

There is no name in the vampyre underworld that is more feared and respected than Jian Dorien.  His name is whispered in every corner of the underworld and there is not a single vampyre who does not know it.  In the past, those who opposed him and his clan did so by running away from him.  Though in recent times, the roles have been reversed and his clan is the one that stays on the run.

At the end of the Clan Wars, the Doriens fell victim to a nasty biological weapon.  It thinned their numbers to near extinction.  Those who survived were barely able to feed and stay healthy enough for war.  The defeat was humbling to The High Prince of Dorien who was not accustomed to losing in combat.  Unable to recover from the shame, Jian Dorien disappeared from the world and hid in exile. 

Dominance begins some four hundred years after the Aurelian Plague decimated the Clan Dorien.  During this time, the vampyre underworld has known relative peace with no large scale conflict between the four major clans.  However, Jian Dorien has returned from exile and is eager to exact revenge upon those responsible for the downfall of his Clan, The Aurelius, and return his kin to Dominance.


Dorien is a creature of extreme pride.  He has no equal and he knows it.  Consequently, he has very little respect for anyone.  This is true even for the members of his High Court of Elders - all except for Adjudan.  He is Jian Dorien’s most trusted confidant and quite possibly the only thing in the world he cares for besides conquest.


To say that Jian Dorien is the mightiest vampyre on the planet is an understatement.  Like all other elders, he is capable of slaying entire armies of vampyres by himself.  However, unlike other elders, there is no other vampyre that sustain a prolonged fight with him.  Dorien is not the strongest vampyre in the world, nor is he the fastest.  However, there is no other vampyre that possesses his combination of speed, strength, and most importantly…blade skill.

Jian Dorien’s hands guide sword strikes with surgical precision.  Only Ambrosi Sidorov, with his thick skin and above average regenerative healing, can weather the onslaught of Dorien’s blades.  The High Prince of Dorien is a disciplined fighter that wastes not a single move on his adversary, needs no openings to attack, and whose sword defense is impenetrable. 

Dorien’s Story

His clan is in dire straits.  He isn’t blind to this fact, but his pride has affected his judgement leading some of his elders to question his ability to lead the clan out of their current situation.  Jian Dorien’s story is about battling pride and ego.

The first book in the Dominance series is titled the Hunt for Dorien because, despite his personal vendetta to hunt down and kill his rivals, he himself is actually the target of the hunt.

...and he is hunted by more than one group.