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Haven Aurelius

Haven is the blood-born (non-turned) vampyre offspring of Sebastian and Lyric Aurelius.  Born into wealth, stability, and security, she knows very little of the bloody Clan Wars that forged the current state of affairs and only knows the enemy clans by what she has been taught.


Haven is the heir to the largest and most influential clan in the world and keeps very entitled and haughty attitude about it.  She is a sassy brat who is quick to let everyone know their place in the world.  And while she is prim and proper around her famalial elders, particularly her father, she discards her fluffy façade in the presence of others.  The most notable difference is her colorfully crass vernacular.  Haven has a fondness for firing off foul language.

Accordingly, Haven has little respect for anyone other than her clan elders: her father, mother, her two uncles, and Blythe – The High Court of Clan Aurelius.  In her eyes, they are the mightiest in the world and no one can tell her otherwise.  Outside of her High Court, there is one other person that Haven cares for – a human named Charlie Goodrich.  He’s an elderly man, in his late 60’s, but despite their age difference, he has been Haven’s best friend for a long time.  They have an undeniable chemistry and Haven is fond of that old man like no other.  Some would say she cares more for Old Man Charlie than she does for her own father.

Haven is intelligent like her father Sebastian.  Though like any other typical child, she dislikes the intensive studying that her parents demand of her.  She would much rather spend her time playing and goofing off with Charlie.


Having been taught the ways of the blade by two great vampyre warriors (Sebastian and Lyric), Haven does have some skill with a sword. However, her greatest talent lies in her speed.  Despite her young age, she has mastered the speed of the Nightborn.  She is blisteringly quick.  In fact, even vampyres, to include elders, have difficulty tracking her movements at top speed.  By her father’s estimation, Haven is very likely the fastest vampyre alive.

Haven’s Story

Haven’s story is about transition and maturity.  With the return of Jian Dorien and the recent emergence of the Hybrids, the atmosphere has changed around Clan Aurelius.  Her world isn’t so secure.  Everyone is on edge and the High Court is in disarray and dysfunction.  Haven is about to face some very big changes in her life.  Most notably…she is about to become intimately familiar with the meaning of war.