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Lilli is the main character in Dominance, but she is very much a blank slate.  Her mind has been wiped and she is unable to recall anything beyond the last 6 months of  her life.  What she does understand however, is that she has special abilities which are of particular interest to the Majesty.  They believe she is the key to their plans of world dominance.


Lilli discovers who she is as the story unfolds.  She is very much like a child – full of questions and in awe of the world around her once she is rescued from captivity.  It’s as if she was born inside of a prison cell and has never known any different.  Although initially she is very distrusting of her liberators, Austin’s Delta Squad, she soon settles in with the team and opens up to them.  She is particularly close to Delta Squad’s techs, Sean and Nigel, to Maxim – Austin’s android counterpart.


Lilli is capable of pushing outward with her mind and can affect things beyond her physical reach.  She can push her thoughts into other peoples’ minds, manifest minor bursts of energy, and move objects with thought.  Under normal circumstances, she has very little control over her abilities.  However, when under duress, channeling her inner power comes instinctively and the strength of her gifts increase.

Key Facts

In the beginning of the story, nothing is known about Lilli.   She is unable to recall anything beyond the past 6 months of her life.  She spent this time trapped inside of a hellish prison-like facility as a test subject in a daily series of psychotic and painful laboratory experiments. This ordeal, as well as her secret history, is told in reverse chronology, broker up into parts, and told at the end of each chapter.

Lilli’s Story

Lilli's story is about discovery. Specifically, it's about the discovery of who she really is and the changes that occur as a result. This is the central theme of Dominance and it reflects in the story's characters from beginning to end.

Lilli in particular is the glue that holds everything together.  There are many different characters in this story and initially, their stories and their agendas seem separate. However, Lilli is the thread that will tie everything together and her gift is the key to the fate of the world.