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The Aurelius are the largest, wealthiest, and most influential clan in the world. This is primarily due to a centuries old alliance with the humans’ ruling/governing class. This mutually beneficial relationship provides the Aurelius with a fresh and endless supply of the highest quality blood, while humans gain protection from all other non-Aurelius vampyres.

While pursuing the remnants of Clan Dorien from Europe to the Americas, the Aurelius made a decision to leave the defense of Europe to the humans who were quite adept at using spirituality to combat the wildly aggressive Graysons. With no Nightborn opposition, clan-affiliated or otherwise, to be found in the Western hemisphere, the Aureilus quickly gained control of North and South America and firmly hold it to the present day.

Clan Origin

Clan Aurelius is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 9th century A.D. However, its true origin is traced back o the start of The Clan Wars. The Aurelius were a small and unknown clan until the late 11th century, when Jian Dorien began his aggressive conquest of Europe. Refusing to submit to the ironfisted totalitarian Dorien rule, Aurelius brothers Sebastian, Archer, and Stoan gained a massive following by breaking an ages-old taboo. Out of desperation, they exposed themselves to humankind and proposed a treaty to the nobles:

Blood and safe harbor during the day for Nighborn in exchange for protection during the night for humans...

The details of this alliance were kept from the general human populace, but word quickly spread throughout the night that humans were willing to work with Night Born. All those who would not submit to Dorien, and there were many, found themselves banded together with human kind. Together, they enabled the Aurelius clan to not only survive the Dorien onslaught…but to grow in spite of it.

Key Characteristics

Alignment: Good
Social Disposition: Benign
Confrontational Temperament: Passive

The most interesting characteristic of the Aurelius is the fact that they do not hunt humans. They don't have to, because they have an endless supply of blood through their large and worldwide network of human allies.

The Aurelius are very wealthy and hold considerable influence in trade. Also, like most other vampyres, they have secured key positions of leadership. However, unlike other vampyres, they do not use their influence to manipulate humankind nor do they typically interfere or take a side on affairs that are exclusively human.

As a whole, the Aurelius are more intelligent and more technically savvy when compared to the other clans. They inherit these traits through their High Prince, Sebastian who is renown throughout the night for his achievements in technology and bio-chemistry. Outside of their intelligence, the Aurelius have no physical or supernatural advantages over other vampyres. Their advantage lies in their wealth, their endless supply of quality sustenance, and their sheer numbers.

For the most part, the Aurelius are passive and peaceful. They have settled into the Americas and do not seek expansion. They are only interested in defending themselves and humankind from the scourge of hostile vampyres.

There are secrets though, at the head of Aurelius leadership. Sebastian and his court of elders have a mysterious connection to the Hybrids and are fully aware of their agenda for dominance.

The Aurelius have three main agendas – maintaining order, the Doriens, and the Hybrid threat.

Primary Agenda: Maintaining Order

Coupled with the fall of Clan Dorien, the Aurelius’ symbiotic relationship with humans has allowed them to enjoy unprecedented peace and prosperity. They will allow nothing to jeopardize that. Consequently, their top priorities are the welfare of the human populace and bolstering their own ranks.

Secondary Agenda: The Doriens

Clan Dorien is currently a laughable shadow of its former dominant glory. However, they rose to complete dominance from much smaller numbers than they presently have. As long as their elders live, particularly Jian Dorien, then they are a legitimate threat. Though they are forbidden to engage the Dorien elders, if they could even find them, the rank and file of their clan is fair game. Accordingly, the Aurelius have partnered with human law enforcement throughout the Americas to hunt down and terminate Dorien vampyres.

Final Agenda: The Hybrid threat

Very little is known about the Hybrids, who call themselves “The Majesty.” What little information is known about them is known only to the Aurelius high court. The emergence of the Hybrid threat has prompted a shift in Aurelius priorities and their High Court is frantically preparing for their coming.