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The Dawn's Hammer are high-tech vampyre hunters.  They utilize a variety of different technologies to compensate for the physical disadvantages humans have when facing Nightborn. Although they're still a joint military operation, they do not receive government funding.  In a world owned and governed by Nightborn, their private network of financial and technical resources remains anonymous to protect their sensitive operation.

Organization Origin

The year was 1975.  After surviving a terrifying encounter with vampyres which resulted in the horrific deaths of his wife and children, US Army Soldier Daniel Dawn began secretly recruiting servicemen to hunt the Nightborn.  Initially, his efforts were met with ridicule and skepticism.  Consequently, Daniel narrowed his recruitment to only those whose lives had been affected by vampyres and over time, what began as a small group of soldiers trying to make a difference, evolved into a highly organized shadow unit of the US Armed Forces.

Key Characteristics

Alignment: Good
Social Disposition: Benign
Confrontational Temperament: Aggressive

The war against the night is a completely covert operation.  Neither the general human populace nor the Nightborn underworld are aware of the presence of an organized unit of vampyre hunters fighting to give control of the world back to the human race.  Unfortunately, the soldiers of the Dawn’s Hammer, while highly organized and efficient, are quite simply…outnumbered.  In total, there are less than 150 members that comprise the entire organization broken down as follows:

Mission Squads:

The primary offensive of the Dawn’s Hammer is led by its Mission Squads.  Consisting of 5-8 soldiers, Mission Squads don’t typically engage in combat unless there is no alternative.   They conduct covert reconnaissance missions to gather intelligence on vampyre activity usually as a precursor to a larger assault conducted by Mission Support Personnel.


The Dawn’s Hammer has only one objective: rid the world of vampyres.  However, the Nightborn are too numerous to fight head on. Moreover, they control much of the world’s government - which includes military and law enforcement as well.  In light of this, the war against vampyres is fought in secret and with much discretion.  Their primary objective is gathering intelligence on their enemy.   The long term goal is to isolate the vampyres' operational structure, identify their hierarchy, and one day eliminate their leadership.