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The Dorien were once mighty.  By a considerable margin, they were once the largest and most powerful of the four major clans.  At the height of the Clan Wars, they controlled all of Europe.  The Dorien were poised to destroy all other clans…when out of nowhere, a mysterious contagion emerged amongst the human population.  The virus had no effect on the human host, but was fatal to vampyres who consumed their blood.  It was the perfect biological weapon against the Nightborn and given the size and nature of the Doriens, the virus took a serious toll on their clan. They were decimated.  Jian Dorien went into a shameful exile and the remnants of his clan fled to the Americas with the new world settlers.

The current outlook for the clan is bleak.  The few Dorien vampyres that remain loyal to the clan are scattered along the west coast of the United States.  They live underground, rarely coming to the surface, and they feed upon strays and vermin.  The largest concentration of Dorien vampyres are in Seattle Washington – a territory held firmly by Jian Dorien’s trusted confidant Adjudan.

Clan Origin

Near the end of the 10th century, a name began to make the rounds amongst the Nightborn.  He was known simply as Dorien and word was that he was frighteningly adept in combat.  The rumor became truth as news spread that he had defeated the greatest and mightiest vampyre elders:  

The Senior Adjudan and Blythe, The Steel...
Vivian, The Black Lady...
Malchom, The Bloodstorm...

More alarming than his reportedly effortless victories, was the fact that in besting these elders he had also secured their loyalty.  The mightiest elders pledged their allegiance to Jian Dorien, blood bonds were exchanged, and their respective clans were merged under a single frightful banner...

Thus creating an army of Nightborn warriors the likes the world had never seen.

Key Characteristics

Alignment: Neutral
Social Disposition: Hostile
Confrontational Temperament: Aggressive

The defining characteristic of the Dorien is there proficiency in combat.  Simply put, Dorien vampyres are hard to kill.  A single, healthy Dorien is easily a match for any three, non-elder vampyres from any other clan.  They inherit this gift from the blood bond with their powerful elder vampyres – with Jian Dorien being the mightiest in the world.

The Dorien elders are all counted among the strongest vampyre warriors, but Jian Dorien is the absolute pinnacle of the vampyre underworld.  Only Ambrosi Sidorov can sustain a one on one fight with Jian Dorien for longer than a few minutes.  Everyone else is hopelessly overmatched.  It would take a combined flawless effort of AT LEAST three elder vampyres to subdue the High Prince of Dorien and even then, at least one of them WILL die.  His skill is frightfully good and his clan inherits it through their blood bond.

The Dorien are weak though due to a lack of human sustenance.  Their lot is downtrodden and destitute.  Their numbers have dwindled to near extinction.  For these reasons, the Aurelius continue to hunt them – hoping to rid the world of them for good.

Though as long as Jian Dorien is alive, then the lingering fear of him and his clan will remain.


The Dorien have two agendas: survival and revenge.

Primary Agenda: Survival

The Elder Court of Dorien have assembled in Los Angeles under the interim leadership of Soren Claire. In the absence of their leader Jian Dorien, the High Court has gathered to discuss the future of the clan. The group has splintered over how best to keep the remaining members of the clan alive and move the clan forward.

In the midst of their great crisis, their leader has returned after 400 years of exile...

Secondary Agenda: Revenge

Jian Dorien is focused on bringing down the source of the plague: Clan Aurelius.  They have not confirmed it as fact, and the Aurelius have not claimed official responsibility for the biological weapon.  However, it is a foregone conclusion that Sebastian and his brothers, known tinkerers with inclinations towards science and biology, have some connection to the outbreak.  After all, their clan has suffered no casualties to the plague – an epidemic that affects ONLY those vampyres who hunt humans (which the Aurelius do not).

Dorien is a creature of pride and is seeking to restore his honor.  He wants revenge and it starts with the head of Sebastian Aurelius.  Nothing will stop him.  Not even ancient vampyre law that prohibits elders from taking the lives of other elders.