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The Graysons are universally reviled by all.   Considered the scum and dredge amongst the vampyre underworld, they aren’t so much hated as are the Aurelius. It's more that other Nightborn are disgusted by their ways.  Grayson vampyres are unnatural and they feed on humans and vampyre alike – and not just their blood.  They devour their prey entirely, flesh and bone.

Clan Origin

At the dawn of the Clan Wars, free-spirited, elder vampyre sisters Eviscera and Tallonegha Grayson roamed Europe with their cousins and occasionally, Eviscera’s love interest Ambrosi Sidorov.  Fearing being caught in the growing conflict between the Doriens and the human lovers, Eviscera set her sights on forming a clan of their own.  The group was in agreement in regards to forming the clan, however Eviscera and Ambrosi were at odds over who should be clan Sovereign.  That disagreement drove a wedge between them and in part, was responsible for Ambrosi forming a rival clan.

The other point of contention was over Evsicera’s engagement with demonic forces.  An ancient demon named Baelnagan propositioned her with unnatural abilities and otherworldly powers in exchange for blood sacrifices.  Eviscera chose that power over Ambrosi and the roots of her demonic clan were planted.

Key Characteristics

Alignment: Evil
Social Disposition: Hostile
Confrontational Temperament: Aggressive

The most distinguishing trait of Grayson vampyres is their ability to tap into supernatural forces.  Among other things, the Graysons can shapeshift, teleport, and they fly.  Through worship and ritual sacrifice, these dark gifts are bestowed upon them by their demon master, and the true sovereign of Clan Grayson, Baelnagan The Lord of Lusts.

Graysons have an endless capacity for evil and an insatiable appetite for chaos. They are wicked and wildly aggressive.  In fact, were it not for a key vulnerability, it is likely that they would have plunged the world into chaotic madness ages ago.  Being bound by demonic forces, the Graysons cannot enter a home without being invited, they cannot tread upon holy ground, they fear holy objects, and can be turned away by those who are spiritually pure.

Another key characteristic of the Graysons is that unlike other Nightborn, Grayson are warm blooded.


The Grayson have three major agendas: appeasing Baelnagan, sowing chaos, and finding Tallonegha.

Primary Agenda – Baelnagan

Though they know it not, Baelnagan, or The Lord of Lusts as he is also known, is the true sovereign of Clan Grayson.  Their primary concern is to appease their dark master through sacrifice to continue receiving his gifts.  Without his power, their clan is weak and vulnerable.

Secondary Agenda – Chaos

The Graysons only have one true goal.  Expanding their territory isn’t the primary concern and nor is world domination.  The demonic bond shared with Baelnagan has warped their minds and now they simply revel in sowing chaos.  Death, torture, destruction, and spreading fear…that is what they exist to do.

Final Agenda – Finding Tallonegha

The Graysons, Eviscera in particular, are granted power in accordance with their sacrifices.  The more significant the sacrifice, the greater the reward.  To that end, Eviscera has long since sacrificed her kin.  All that remains is Tallonegha.  If the Demon Queen could sacrifice her to Baelnagan, she would be granted power that would make her the single most powerful vampyre in the world – even moreso than Jian Dorien.

But Tallonegha is in hiding…and the Graysons scour the globe looking for her relentlessly.