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Just as the subject of vampyres is myth and legend to human, so to are the stories of half-human hybrids to vampyres. Consequently, there are only a select few that even know they exist. To the rest, tales of half-human, day-walking hybrids are just that – tales. Yet the Majesty are very real and very dangerous. These half-human hybrids are as fast and strong as vampyres and share their ability to heal rapidly. However, the Majesty are immune to all vampyre weaknesses.

Clan Origin

Everything about the hybrids is a mystery – to include their origins. In fact, except for a select few individuals, the world isn’t even aware of their existence.

Key Characteristics

Alignment: Evil
Social Disposition: Hostile
Confrontational Temperament: Passive

There are several distinguishing characteristics of the Majesty.  First, and most notable, is their stunning appearance.  All Majesty have amazing physical beauty with perfect physiques and flawless facial features.  Secondly, they know they are beautiful.   Majesty are very haughty and vain and they look down on everyone not of their kind.  Like the Aurelius, the Majesty are also very tech-savvy and highly intelligent.


The Majesty have three items on their agenda: The Gateway, The B-Strain, and The Source and not much is known about them.  The Majesty believe that Lilli is in possession of the Gateway and will stop at nothing to extract it from her.  The B-Strain and The Source are a complete mystery though.  Other than the fact that the Majesty is scouring the planet looking for these two things, nobody knows exactly what they are.