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The Sidorov are not the largest or most influential clan, but they are decidedly the most powerful. They are strong under the leadership of Ambrosi and have firm control of Eastern Europe.  Despite their impressive fighting force and battle prowess, the Sidorov prefer neutrality and refrain from engaging in combat unless provoked.  Which is exactly what transpires along the border of their territory adjacent to the Grayson’s.  There, the two clans engage in constant skirmishes as the highly aggressive Graysons relentlessly push into their territory.

Clan Origin

The Sidorov have a shared history with the Graysons.  Prior to the clan wars, Ambrosi Sidorov spent time off and on roaming Europe with his then lover Eviscera Grayson and a small group of her family.  Intimate for centuries, their relationship came to an end when the couple reached an impasse over who would be the sovereign over the new clan that Eviscera was aggressively seeking to form.

When the two split up, Ambrosi returned to his homelands and united the many wandering clans of Eastern Europe, the largest being led by members of the Sidorov family, under his leadership. This union kept his people from falling victim to the Dorien war machine that was swallowing the continent.

Key Characteristics

Alignment: Neutral
Social Disposition: Hostile
Confrontational Temperament: Passive

Ambrosi Sidorov and his family are imposing figures, both in reputation and in physical stature.  Simply put, they’re huge and this is what makes their clan so powerful.  The Sidorov elders are strong and massive and their blood-bonded kin share that trait. 

The Sidorov do not seek expansion and are neither good nor evil in the grand scheme.  They keep to themselves and live by a strict code of honor.  They would rather die before dishonoring themselves or their enemies, they will not harm non-combatant vampyres, and they will not harm children, human or otherwise.

Noble as they are however, the Sidorov are not friendly.  They look after their own, but they are quite hostile to outsiders.


The Sidorov do not have a single agenda.  Outside of the defense of their homeland, they are decidedly neutral and they keep to themselves.