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This page is dedicated to all the people who have helped me along this journey with encouragment, advice, and various tools and technical insights that helped me write this story and build this website. Thank you!

Casandra Gammage My lovely wife of 24 years. :)
April "Willamena" Wofford My very first fan!
Isis Gammage My beautiful daugher and second fan!
David Jones Lifelong friend and owner/operator JFX studios. Thanks for all the pictures and videos homie!
A. Shaw (AKA - Nomadic12, SageNomad, The Eternal Explorer and Galactic traveller! lol My lifelong friend/brother and creative mind behind the title track for my book. Check out his work at Attribution: Darkzanite This awesome sound clip was utilized in the creation of my book trailer and is used on the attribution liscence. Attribution: Cylon8472 This sound was combined with Darkanite's audio to create the monster sound. It's used under the creative commons liscence and probably doesn't need attribution, but I'm thankful to people like this who help other artists create.