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Question 1) Choose your vampyre champion(s)
Question 2) If you were in a vampyre story, what type of vampyre would you be...?
A powerful elder vampyre
A rich and influential corporate vampyre.
A dark and devious unholy vampyre
A vampyre warrior
I'd be a vampyre hunter. Not a vampyre.
If it were up to me...
Question 3) Choose your spirit animal:
Choose this spirit
Choose this spirit
Choose this spirit
Choose this spirit
Choose this spirit
Choose this spirit
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Question 4) Select a vehicle:
Bently Continental GT
Bugatti Veyron
1968 Dodge Charger
Lada Supercar Concept
This! Whatever THIS is!
Get some.
Choose this car.
Choose this car.
Choose this car.
Choose this thing.
Choose this car.
Choose this car.
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Question 5) The Hunger has taken you and you must feed.
However, all you see is a small child and his mother... What do you do?
I feed.
I'd rather not hurt either.
I'll visit a blood bank instead.
I toy with them. Then I feed.
The woman is fair game, but not the child.
I'm not a blood sucking leech, so I'll order some takeout.
I reserve a table at a 5-star restuarant and pay no attention to them.
Question 6) Which of these sins is yours?
Wrath: Do not cross me.
Greed: I can never have enough.
Lust: My desire is out of control.
Sloth: I'm kind of lazy.
Envy: The grass is always greener...
Neither. I am perfect.
Question 7) You're driving and a squirrel runs into the road!
I don't pay attention to such things.
I slow down and let the critter pass.
Ha! I run it over! Points!
I won't try to kill it, but I won't slow down either.
I have bigger things to worry about than squirrels.
This is a stupid question.
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