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Although I do enjoy horror movies, I’m not a fan of vampyres per se. There’s a very specific kind of culture around the subject of vampyres and while I do find it fascinating, I’m more of a SciFi or supernatural fan in general. At my sister’s urging, I started writing this book during a time when blood suckers were all the rage.

One of the reasons why there are so many characters is because I wanted to capture all of the vampyre mythos. In different stories, vampyres range from being demonic, otherworldly creatures to alt-human, corporate overlords. Hence, my vampyres correspond to distinctly architypes. The Graysons are the classic “can't come in uninvited” and “cross-fearing” old school type. The Sidorov are a bit of a throwback too with the clichéd Eastern Europe accent. The Aurelius are the modern “corporate” type vampyres that we see in films like Blade and Underworld.

Rounding things out in the story are the Dawn’s Hammer and the Majesty. The Dawn’s Hammer are vampyre hunters, but with a modern twist. Those characters and that team draws a heavy influence from Blade and how his operation was run. The Majesty bring a unique twist to the story, but I can’t really talk about them until folks have read it. :)

Overall, I’d say the story is an inspired mixture of Blade and Underworld. Later in the series, you’ll see a bit of Dragon Ball Z influence as well as a mystery element that is honestly the biggest undertone in the entire story. This is not a love story, so if you’re looking for that sort of thing…sorry. Lol This is action, adventure, sex, and violence. Lots of violence. :)

I hope you enjoy it!