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The Back Story

Events prior to Book One

Over a thousand years ago, powerful Vampyre clans formed and waged a savage war for dominance in Europe.  The clans were fourfold: The Russian clan of Sidorov, led by the barbarian Ambrosi.  The unholy, flame-kissed Graysons, led by the Demon Queen Evicera. The warmongering Doriens, led by their High Prince Jian Dorien.  And the Aurelius, led by their High Prince Sebastian, who were despised by them all for their blasphemous covenant with humans.

Near the end of the 16th century, after hundreds of years of brutal, nocturnal warfare, the Doriens had taken control of nearly all of Europe.  However, as they made a final push for victory, a strange human contagion surfaced and changed the complexion of the Clan Wars.

The infection had no visible effect upon its human hosts.  However, vampyres who drank their infected blood died instantly.   Given its nature, and the fact that there were no accounts of viral casualties amongst the "human lovers", it was a foregone conclusion that the plague weapon was concocted by Sebastian Aurelius.

Having superior numbers and a wider feeding area, the Doriens suffered losses from the contagion far greater than any other clan.  So much so, that between the war and the plague, their once dominant clan dwindled to near extinction.  Shamed and defeated, their leader, Jian Dorien, went into seclusion.  For the remainder of the clan and its elders, the only recourse was to escape to the Americas, stowing away like ship rats amongst the boats of the New World settlers.  

Four hundred years passed and the High Prince of Clan Dorien finally emerged from isolation, seeking to once again raise his clan to dominance.  However, he, and the rest of the vampyre underworld, were completely unaware that a dangerous new faction had formed in seclusion and had secretly risen to power above them all.

Calling themselves "Majesty", they were a coven of half-human hybrids and believed to be yet another biological weapon engineered by Sebastian Aurelius.  The highly intelligent and strangely perfect beings shared the same powerful characteristics of vampyres - strength, speed, and amazing regenerative abilities.  But unlike vampyres, they exhibited no reaction to sunlight, garlic, or silver.

Plotting to secure Dominance over the world, their mysterious plan hinged upon something they called “The B-Strain”, its source, and a human female named Lilli that they held captive in a laboratory.