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The Clan Wars

The Conflict that Shaped the Vampire Underworld

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Pre Clan Wars

Prior to the 11th century, there were no large major clans.  Vampyres were scattered around Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa as small and intimate clusters.  There was always conflict, as vampyres are prone to it.  However, the concept of war was something foreign to the Nightborn.

Near the end of the 10th century, Jian Dorien began his rise to power.  No one knew his background or where he came from.  He just suddenly appeared and he travelled far and wide, seeking the most powerful elder Nightborn warriors.  His plan was to best them and subjugate them under his banner…or eliminate them.

Amazingly, not even the mightiest elders were a match for Dorien.  He defeated everyone he faced with ease.  With the choice of either death or life as a leader in a soon to be mighty empire, all of the elders he fought chose to join him.  Thus, the first major clan was born, the mighty Clan Dorien, and so too began the Clan Wars.

The Clan Wars

Dorien did indeed recruit mighty elders, but not the absolute mightiest.  By virtue of their age, they were the greatest but also wisest and judiciously avoided conflict with the incredible warrior as they learned more about him.  When it became clear that they may not be able to defeat him, and they were not about to be subjugated by him, two mighty elders, Ambsosi Sidorov and Sebastian Aurelius, formed large clans of their own.  A third elder, Eviscera Grayson, found power through unnatural means and founded the fourth and final major clan.

Though their clans were large and powerful, they simply could not repel the Dorien onslaught.  His clan was too large and too powerful.  Though all four clans were at war with each other, it was the Doriens who controlled the conflict.  For nearly 600 years, they crushed the other three clans and claimed territory after territory.

Near the end of the 16th century, the Doriens had essentially won the Clan Wars.  The Graysons were contained to the isle of Britain, the Sidorov were fleeing to the very edges of Asia, and the Aurelius, even with the aid of the humans, were defeated and scattered throughout Europe and northern Africa.  Jian Dorien and his warmongering cabal were making final preparations for the total conquest of Europe when something unexpected turned the tides.

A mysterious and deadly plague emerged among the humans.  Oddly enough, the contagion no visible effects upon the human carriers.  It only affected vampyres that fed upon them – killing them instantly.  It was a biological weapon, one that was most certainly concocted by the Aurelius, and it was quite effective.  Sebastian and his clan did not hunt humans.  Instead, through their alliance, were given blood willingly.  Consequently, they were unaffected by the plague, while every non-Aurelius vampyre suffered great casualties.  Though, none more so than the Dorien…

Jian Dorien and his lot, having secured the entire continent of Europe as their feeding area and having numbers far greater than any other clan, they suffered devastating losses.  Moreover, having their numbers decimated by the plague AND being unable to feed left them vulnerable.  The other clans seized this opportunity and slaughtered the Doriens to near extinction.

Having suffered a complete and humbling defeat, Jian Dorien was unable to reconcile his humiliation.  Leaving his chief strategist Soren Claire in charge, Dorien disappeared into exile and was unheard from.  Meanwhile, his clan, hunted and starving, hid amongst the new world settlers and fled to the Americas.  

Post Clan Wars

In the years following the Clan Wars, the Dorien gradually migrated to the West Coast of North America.  Pursued relentlessly by the Aurelius, they hid underground and there they remain to the day.  Under the command of Dorien’s most capable warrior, Adjudan The Senior, the clan managed to secure foothold in Seattle Washington.  The Aurelius tried, but they could not reclaim the city.

The Aurelius left Europe to pursue the Dorien.  They secured the entire western hemisphere and continued working on a plan to stamp out the remnants of the Doriens for good.  They maintained their alliance with the humans and prospered far beyond the other clans.

With the fall of the Dorien and departure of the Aurelius, the Graysons and Sidorov secured control of Eastern and Western Europe respectively.  The Graysons continued to initiate conflict while the Sidorov isolated themselves from the rest of the world and engaged in combat only to defend the borders of their territory.