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Elder Vampyres

The Elite

Although Vampyres are immortal, most tend to die within a few centuries.  A number of different scenarios are the root of it, but vampyre hunters, territorial skirmishes, and accidental exposure to sunlight are the most common.  However, should a Nightborn live long enough, they undergo an ascension and become far more powerful than the average vampyre.  The change occurs sometime after year 500 and they are no longer just a common vampyre, but are considered an Elder.

Elder Vampyres are powerful.  By comparison, a common vampyre is capable of besting at least a dozen human combatants.  Yet, an Elder Vampyre is capable of slaughtering entire armies of non-elder vampyres.  To a normal human, an Elder Vampyre is very near a god.

These are the Top 10 Elder Vampyres in the world:
Top 10 Elders
Scale is relative to the fighting skill of other Elders.

Clans are governed by Elders.  The group of elite Nightborn that rule over a clan is called its High Court.  The Elder leader of a clan is known as its “High Prince” or “High Queen.”  The alpha female of a High Prince, whether betrothed to him or not (but usually the former), is called the “Elder Bride.”  All other females have a formal title of “Lady” and all males have a title of “Prince.”  Any member of the High Court may challenge for leadership of their clan by initiating a “Blood Challenge” – a simple duel with the victor claiming sovereignty.  Blood Challenges are rare and do not occur within the four major clans – there are no vampyres capable of besting Jian Dorien, Ambrosi Sidorov, Sebastian Aurelius, or Eviscera Grayson.

Most vampyres can move faster than bullets and everything they carry moves as fast as they do.  Consequently, the Nightborn tend to favor blades over projectile weapons.  Elders, however, carry a special blade known as a Foevoldion.  It is the symbol of their superiority and also, given that Elders typically govern clans, the mark of royalty.

Foevoldions themselves are very large and are thusly, quite unwieldly to the common vampyre.  It takes special skill and strength to use one effectively.  No two Foevoldions are alike, as Elders choose blades that are suitable to their particular personalities and fighting styles.  Though, they are all very big.  Ambrosi Sidorov carries the largest Foevoldion.  His blade measures a foot wide and over eight feet in length.

Elders are the force that keeps the vampyre underworld in balance and under control.  Without them, common vampyres would likely slaughter each other down to the last.  To keep this balance, a law as established eons ago.  Knowns as the Elder’s Edict, it is an ancient code of conduct that prohibits Elders from taking the lives of other elders.  This law is in effect for as long as Elder blood has not been spilled by a rival elder for 100 years.  Once an elder spills the blood of a rival clan’s elder, the edict is null and void until 100 years passes without incident.  This period of open Elder on Elder conflict is known as “Noctotalis” – total nocturnal warfare.

Although there is no official enforcement of the Elder’s Edict, there is a lingering fear of the consequences of violating it.  Legend has it that there are Keepers of the Law who will emerge from the shadows to hunt down and kill violators of the edict.  Though no one has ever seen or heard of enforcement activity by a Keeper, they respect the law nonetheless.