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Human Perspectives


The general human populace is completely ignorant of the existence of vampyres.  To humans, vampyres are nothing more than fantasy and folklore.  There are several reasons for this.  First, vampyres comprise less than 1% of the world’s total population so human/vampyre interaction is quite rare. 

Secondly, all vampyres, even the most powerful, are extremely discreet in all that they do and tend to hide any evidence of their activity.  They hide during the day, they hunt silently, and those they attack do not live to tell the tale.  The method of concealment varies.  Sometimes it’s a senseless murder during a robbery attempt.  Sometimes, it’s a body consumed by the flames of a terrible accident.

Most often, people simply disappear. 

Vampyre Hunter Perspective

Human Ignorance

If a person is unfortunate enough to have a rare chance encounter with a vampyre and survive, one of two things happens.  They spend their lives trying to forget that it happened, or they become a hunter.  And while hunters have knowledge that vampyres do in fact exist, finding them is difficult if not impossible for the average hunter. 

Vampyres are very discreet about what they do.  They protect the details their internal operations and they are meticulously careful to clean up their tracks.  Consequently, vampyre hunters, just like the rest of the human race, are mostly oblivious to what vampyres are actually doing.  This also applies to the hunters of The Dawn’s Hammer...even though they are experienced, highly organized, and have advanced techniques to find and take down vampyres.

The Mission

Hunters have one goal –rid the world of vampyres.  This is easier said than done though.  There are strong indications that vampyres are in firm control of the world.  Through an informal network of hunters, there exists some usable intelligence against the Nighbort.  However, a good portion it unreliable or is flat out intentionally leaked misinformation (by vampyres and those humans aligned with them of course).

In light of this, and the sheer number of vampyres in the world, The Dawn’s Hammer focuses their efforts on gathering viable intelligence rather than physically eliminating a threat that is already difficult to track down and isolate.  Their goal is to strike the head of the vampyre hierarchy – if they discover that they do in fact have one.

Vampyre Perspectives

Their View on Humans

Vampyers look at humans the way humans look at livestock.  They are food and they do not interact with them.  Humans are inferior to vampyres in every way – except for their very specific weaknesses.  Their intense, to the point of being fatal, reactions to garlic, silver, and sunlight.  Especially sunlight.

This is the great equalizer in the grand scheme.  Were it not for this vulnerability, humans would likely be corralled and farm raised under the complete dominance of the Nightborn.  As it were, vampyres are so vulnerable to sunlight that they must have safe housing during the day and they keep their existence a secret as an added layer of protection.

The Plague

Not much is known about the plague.  It is a contagion found exclusively in human hosts that is fatal to any vampyre that consumes their blood.  Though cases of plague death are not as common now, it was rampant in Europe during the height of the Clan Wars and it decimated the ranks of Clan Dorien. 

All Vampyres fear the plague and feed with caution.  All except for the Aurelius, who do not hunt humans and whose clan has thrived despite the danger.  Though, the fact that the Aurelius have suffered no casualties have led everyone to the same forgone conclusion – that Sebastian Aurelius has successfully developed the perfect biological weapon to protect his human allies.

After they were the ones facing extinction when the virus struck and weakened the Doriens – who were the biggest threat to themselves and mankind.


Just as the subject of vampyres are nothing more than myth and folklore to humans, so too are tales of human/vampyre hybrids amongst the Nighborn.  Most vampyres do not believe in the existence of hybrids and for good reason.  If there were a way to remove vampyre weaknesses while simultaneously retaining their strength, the Nighborn would have found it long ago. 

The most brilliant Nighborn minds have conducted extensive research throughout the ages in attempts to do just that.  They were fruitless attempts though as their studies proved time and time again that vampyre and human DNA are not compatible.  Not without the secretion from their fangs – which turns a human into a vampyre and conveys their weaknesses.

Rumors of day-walking Nightborn warriors have begun to circulate among the vampyre underground.  Strange and tales of fanged vampyre hunters are becoming more frequent – they whisper of Nightborn warriors who are as fast and strong as vampyres, but are immune to all vampyre weaknesses.

Not coincidentally, the most brilliant mind among the Nightborn is somehow linked to the hybrids.  Sebastian Aurelius and his High Court are among the few who are fully aware of the existence of hybrids…and the hybrids are intimately familiar with him as well.

Who are the hybrids and how are they linked to the Aurelius?  The answer unfolds in a surprising twist in Dominance Book One: The Hunt for Dorien.