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The Vampyres of Dominance

Vampyres, or Nightborn as they call themselves, are powerful humanoid creatures who feed upon human blood.  All vampyres, when compared to humans, are incredibly strong and fast.  They are immortal creatures who are not susceptible to human illnesses and can heal from dire wounds within hours.

Outside of the Graysons, who have been endowed with demonic gifts, vampyres do not have any supernatural abilities nor are they affected by mystic charms.  In Dominance, for the most part, vampyres are more of an alt-species of human and all of them, Grayson or otherwise, are susceptible to common, natural vampyre weaknesses.  They are fatally allergic to garlic and silver, and extremely sensitive to UV light.  Prolonged exposure to it will cause their flesh, bone, and blood to combust into flame.

The Nightborn have a very animalistic trait in that they are fiercely possessive and territorial.  It isn’t uncommon for vampyres unfamiliar with one another to fight to the death over prey or when they smell another Nightborn in their area.  Not surprisingly, younger and weaker vampyres often find themselves unable to feed without wandering for extended periods of time – which in turn, only results in more deadly encounters with other Nightborn.

Consequently, vampyres very often band together to form clans.  Most clans number less than 100 and hold no territory.  They are nomadic and wander from area to area, looking after one another and consuming only enough human blood to survive.  Larger clans, upwards of a thousand or more members, tend to secure feeding territory and maintain their autonomy by entering truces with similarly sized rival clans or yielding to ordinances set forth by larger ones.  The Dorien, Aurelius, Sidorov, and Grayson are unique in that their clans are colossal and they hold dominion over large geographical areas.  Except for the Doriens, their forces number in the millions and they typically do not bother with the smaller clans.

Vampyre clans are formed through a process called Blood Bonding.  To create a Blood Bond, vampyres drink from one another.  They consume enough blood to create a familial bond.  The process also allows stronger vampyres, who are typically clan heads, to pass along certain skills and traits to their Blood Bonded kin.  By way of example, Jian Dorien and his mighty elders passed along their speed, strength, and most importantly, their dominant combat prowess.  This is how the Doriens became so powerful.